Just a few steps away from the city, MonteBike was funded this Summer!

MonteBike allows hiking with an e-bike

You can go up the mountain with our Corniolo ski-lift, a four-seater chair lift with automatic hooking.

You can easily go from 1.200 to 1.750 mt. and from there discover our tracks at high-altitude.

You can either cycle freely or together with our guides, who will show you our mountain peaks. Here you can find amazing tracks that will let you admire our breathtaking views.

Why not see Lake Iseo, Lake Garda or Lake Endine from above, or visit Ersaf Forest and taking in our mountains’ refreshing air?

MonteBike is School, bike-rentals for adults and children, safety equipment and accessories… plus direct access to the ski-lifts!

MonteBike is your new MTB School, with:

  • Skill ParkScool Camp
  • 4 tracks of increasing difficultyfor Gravity Beginners

Our instructors’ competence will lead young bikers to discover the wonderful MTB world.

In complete safety and with the comfort of our Gardena chair lift, becoming a cyclist will be a piece of cake!

Contact us

We are working hard, in order to give you all the best already from this summer.
Contact us and you will receive our news in advance. You will also receive a wonderful gift for our opening party.

Montecampione Ski Area s.r.l.
Via Legazzuolo – 25040 Artogne (BS)
Tel. +39 0364 088009

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